Call for Proposals for ITAC3

The ITAC3 Programme Committee is seeking proposals from the global community that reflect the best thinking and practice in participatory arts / teaching artistry informed by theory, research, and projects in the field.

Session themes / topics
The committee invites proposals that seek to present best, next and radical practice, through presentation, papers and or practical sessions and approaches. Conference sessions/ presentations (of between 20 and 90 minutes) should encourage critical reflection and hands-on exploration in response to the three conference questions:
How can we collectively strengthen support for artists working with people?
How is participatory arts practice evolving to meet the challenges of the 21st century
What can the world learn from radical approaches to socially engaged art-making?

Session formats
Proposals can take the form of:
practical workshops
research papers

round table /panel discussions
Ted style talks
Short films

More information and submitting a proposal
For more information and details of how to submit a proposal see the Call for Proposals page.  Please note the closing date for proposals is Monday 22 February 2016.


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